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Karpenisi Hotel Koryschades

Welcome to Koryschades Village in Evritania

The most beautiful village of Evritania is Koryschades, where time stopped and left intact the traditional architecture in harmony with nature and the mountain. Koryschades is just 4 km far from Karpenisi. Koryschades Hotel in Karpenisi is open all year.

In an area where stone and wood are in abundance, the architect used generously the materials, constructing buildings that resist time. We maintained the appearence of the buildings and turneded them into small modern functional hostels for Koryschades hotel in Karpenisi.

Koryschades hotel in Karpenisi disposes villas that provide full amenities for a comfortable and pleasant accommodation in Karpenisi, where guests are mentally transported to another era.

The traditional revival of Koryschades village gives visitors the opportunity to escape from everyday life, to walk on the stone paved streets, breathe the clean mountain air, live in a place where yesterday and today are creative connected .

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Anatoli accommodation beyond your dreams

90m away from the main building, it consists of the main house, the helping house and the living room with fireplace and a heated indoor pool.

Archontiko meets modern comforts

A traditional building, completely renovated, counts more than 120 years. It consists of double and one triple room and a garden that will impress you.

Kastro luxury accommodation

Kastro is the new structure fully in harmony with the environment, three-story with living room and a kitchen. With triple and double rooms and two maisonettes.

Epoches feeling "... like home"

Two newly built stone houses where you will find furnished apartments. Each apartment has its own distinct character.

Korys warmth and serenity ...

A traditional stone mansion with history, decorated with traditional furniture, promises to offer you unique moments.

Kyklamino modern amenities & services

Four stone buildings are the new hotel Kyklamino, that offers all modern comforts and amenities.

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