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Kyklamino is a new hotel and is located 1 km from the village square. It consists of four stone buildings, three of whom are joined in the ground floor and offers apartments and maisonettes in Koryschades. Kyklamino follows the traditional architecture of Koryschades while equipped with all modern comforts and conveniences.

On the ground floor of the main building there is a restaurant, a breakfast room, a playroom for kids and adults. On the first floor is the main entrance of the hotel, the reception and a great room with two fireplaces where visitors can enjoy coffee, drinks, traditional sweets and cold dishes. On the second floor there are three mazonetes for four persons and one double room, all with fireplace and kitchen .

At the second building there are two apartments, one with three and one with four rooms that can accommodate six to nine people.

The third and fourth building has two apartments with two rooms. All rooms have a fireplace and kitchen.

Kyklamino has a garden and courtyard and is suitable for any social event.

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